Wyoming Nrc Agreement State

“The Trump administration is limiting unnecessary regulations and making it easier for American companies to do business. Nuclear power is clean and reliable. It provides carbon-free energy and creates well-paying jobs. This agreement will help preserve Wyoming`s uranium industry,” Barrasso said. The agreement, signed on 25 September, transfers the regulatory authority to the state on certain radioactive materials. NRC has transferred responsibility for the licensing, rule-making, inspection and enforcement activities necessary to regulate raw materials in uranium or thorium milling, as well as the management and disposal of milling waste. NRC is currently reviewing the impact of transferring a licence to Wyoming if there is a corresponding programmatic agreement or memorandum of understanding on the site. NRC retains responsibility for each nuclear power plant, although there are currently none in Wyoming, as well as federal agencies that use certain radioactive materials in the state. Prior to entering into the agreement, NRC determined that Wyoming`s radiation control program is appropriate to protect public health and safety and is also in compliance with NRC regulations. On April 26, 2018, NRC hosted a second webinar entitled “Update on the State of Wyoming Becoming a State of Understanding.” Topics in this webinar included 1) an update on Wyoming`s progress in the deal application process last year; (2) the progress and measures taken under certain existing uranium mining licences under the programmatic agreements and desmemorands; and 3) the release of the draft assessment by NRC staff of the request for public comment on the Wyoming Agreement. Like the 2017 webinar, the 2018 presentation will discuss some of the unique aspects of the Wyoming agreement and how that agreement would alter the interaction between the tribes and the regulator.

Every state is grappling with the tension between reopening economies and protecting communities from COVID-19. Some industries have remained open all the time. There are the most obvious ones, such as grocery stores and hospitals. Then there are others, such as mining. For more information about the agreement`s state program and the implementation of the Wyoming agreement, see the Frequently Asked Questions. NRC staff evaluated the Crown Agreement Materials Program using the SA-700 Processing an Agreement NMSS process and associated manual. The staff evaluation revealed that the significant program of the agreement met the criteria of the Commission`s policy statement for the guidance of States and NRC with respect to the termination of NRC`s regulatory authority and the assumption of state responsibility by agreement (46 FR 7540; 23 January 1981 and 48 FR 33376; 21 July 1983). d) The draft NRC Staff Assessment indicates that the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality`s Uranium Recovery Program, Land Quality Division, is appropriate for the protection of public health and safety and is consistent with NRC`s program for the regulation of contract materials. In accordance with the Commission`s instructions, the proposed agreement contains a provision that the State of Wyoming has until the end of the 2019 legislature to amend Article 35-11-2004(c) of the Wyoming Statute to be consistent with Article 83b.(1)(A) of the AEA, or the Agreement is terminated without further action by the NrC. The proposed agreement also explicitly states that prior to the necessary amendment to section 35-11-2004(c) of the Wyoming Act, NRC will reject any application to terminate a license that proposes to share ownership of by-product materials and their discharge between the state and the federal government.