Inmatriculare Barca Agreement

1. For the granting of the right to the portisation of the Romanian flag and the registration of pleasure boats in the register of the “Pleasure Boats” section, the owner provides the port/captain with the following documents: b) the damaged act of nationality or proof of publication of the notification of the loss and declaration of nullity of the document in a nationally distributed newspaper; with the name or number of the pleasure boat, the series of acts of nationality and the port/captain`s office that issued the act of nationality. 1. Pleasure boat owners or operators must require the harbour master/captain to adopt a new act of nationality within a maximum of 15 working days after changes in the characteristics of pleasure craft, the legal status of pleasure craft or other such modifications. We also help you purchase or complete the necessary device scanners and the recommended/optional devices for safe navigation. If you call us, bring the boat into the water quickly and stress-free. 5. After the pleasure boat is placed in the “Pleasure Boats in the Field” register, the head of the port office/captain issues the certificate of the pleasure boat valid for the entire period during which the pleasure boat is registered in the Matriculum register, or until the change of ownership or the change of the data contained in the register. (c) the document referred to by the port master`s office attesting to the completion of the operation, or the document attesting to the delivery of the pleasure boat to a specialized mining agency, or the declaration of its own responsibility for dismantling the pleasure boat with its own resources. Check-in fees, check-in fees, availability fees and name booking. Pupa: name or number of the boat, depending on the case, and wearing the registration.

(3) The dismantling of the sports vehicle must respect the safety of navigation and environmental protection. 1. In the event of a transfer of ownership of a pleasure boat registered in the register between individuals and/or corporations that meet the requirements for the registration of the vehicle in ownership under current law, the new owner files with the port/captain agency within 15 working days of the acquisition date of the property, the following documents: 1. In the case of pleasure boat leases: including leases and all other contracts constituting genuine rights, the following is referred to as contracts between Romanian owners and Romanian or foreign operators or between operators, the operator who actually operates the pleasure boat, with the owner`s agreement, requests it with the owner`s agreement. , with the owner`s consent. , within fifteen working days of the contracts coming into force, registering them and issuing a new nationality law, which includes, in addition to the owner`s name, the name of the operator.