Seller Agreement Amazon

Under Amazon`s (TOS) new terms of use, sellers receive 30 days` notice before being blocked. Everything`s fine. You will receive a month to resolve a problem before your seller account is blocked. Section 14 contains proposals and additional information. From then to today, there have been no changes to the existing BSA, but I will continue and define what this section means. This section basically explains whether you or your related companies provided or provide suggestions, comments, ideas, improvements or other comments or material that may be used in relation to Amazon`s services. They can go ahead and use it, they can market it, they can reveal it to another person. So all kinds of improvements, suggestions or ideas that you present to Amazon, things you might think make their system more fluid, they have the right to do what they want with this information. Sellers should be aware of this before giving them such advice or suggestions on services. In addition, Amazon states that they have the right, in collaboration with any government authority, to take any legal action, to disclose this information as well as the information contained in their system by the sellers. Basically, that is all that weighs on section 14. Do you hear that, everybody? If your supplier doesn`t comply with Amazon`s agreement, neither are you.

I don`t see where it says what transaction information means. For me, it can mean just about anything, from a sale to confidential information. So it`s a broad spectrum of what that might mean. We have seen that this problem arises during arbitration, where you have a seller that Amazon has not paid or that you have suspended, you have disclosed this information to someone else, such as an employee, employee or advisor, who does not have the confidentiality of lawyers and clients. Then, later, Amazon uses it to justify its behavior, which says, “Hey, you shouldn`t reveal how we do business, and you did it. You gave it to a counsellor. The deal says you can`t do that.¬†You will look for correspondence because paragraph 14 below is about derogatory communications.