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Sotto explained that current laws allow pleas for all crimes, including heinous crimes, except for the violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002. As part of the measure, pleadings “may only be permitted for a person who, after a confirmation test, is deemed positive a second time for the use of a dangerous drug.” Sayre took his case to court after Panabo City, Davao del Norte District Court Dax Gonzaga Xenos denied his argument on the merits of the cases. MANILA, Philippines – According to the Supreme Court, the prosecution may refer to a Department of Justice circular containing stricter guidelines for accepting or rejecting arguments in drug cases. But in June 2018, Justice Minister Menardo Guevarra issued the circular DOJ No. 27 or the amended guidelines for stricter arguments than the number A.M 18-03-16-SC. A person may also claim a plea agreement if he pleads guilty to possession of equipment and other utensils for illicit drugs at parties, social gatherings or assemblies or accompanied by at least two people, provided that he is in an appropriate quantity, as indicated by the court, according to the bill. /gsg In the following cases, no plea is admissible for a hearing: the Supreme Court stated that the OCA circular was issued under the power of the SC, but that a plea “still requires the mutual consent of the parties and is subject to the Tribunal`s approval.” MANILA, Philippines – Senate President Vicente Sotto III wants pleas for petty criminals. In the decision on a petition for certiorari filed by Inol Sayre on the drug cases filed against him, sc voted 14-1 and said the court was fair in allowing the trial after the accused and the prosecutor did not reach an agreement to a plea to obtain commitments. However, the Crown submitted a counter-proposal, referring to a circular from the Ministry of Justice of 26 June 2018. The city`s attorney, Jennifer Namoc-Yasol, recommended that Sayre plead guilty to drug trafficking under Section 11, paragraph 3 or illegal drug possession. The charge carries the indeterminate sentence of 12 years and one day to 14 years and 8 months, and a fine of P300,000. “The city attorney has argued that they are bound by circular DOJ No.

27… ”¬†Any plea trial outside the DOJ circular is not acceptable,” he said. Sotto submitted Senate No. 492, which made submissions in favor of violations of the Drug Act of 2002, particularly small or low drug users and possession of illicit drugs. Associate Judge Amy Lazaro-Javier agreed and said, “The DOJ simply used its right as the repressive arm of the state by announcing its own pleading rules.” Under these rules, a person prosecuted under Section 5 can plead only the slightest offence in paragraph 11, paragraph 3, or possession that can be sanctioned between 12 and 20 years.