Forex Trading Agreement Sample

18.1 We may amend any provision of the trade agreement 18.2 We will notify you in writing at least 2 months before the amendment of the commercial contract. It is assumed that you have accepted such a change if you do not tell us otherwise before the effective date of such a change. However, if you decide not to make such an amendment, our notice of amendment will be deemed to terminate the trade agreement and our agreement, in accordance with the trade agreement, will end the day before an amendment comes into effect. 18.3 Our commercial contract continues until termination in accordance with this clause. 18.4 You can terminate our contract at any time. We do not charge a fee for terminating our contract as part of the trade agreement. 18.5 We can terminate our contract by communicating to you in writing for at least 2 months. Such a termination does not absolve you of any liability for the amounts liability against us or prior liability for an act we received in accordance with the instructions. It is the commercial foreign exchange trading contract for individuals (the “Rading Contract”) that regulates any agreement you enter into with us as an individual for your own account in connection with a foreign exchange transaction and/or payment service. 1.1 In this commercial contract, the following terms have the following meaning: “application form” refers to our standard application form for individuals, which is completed and accepted by us. “working day” means Monday to Friday without English holidays and holidays in other jurisdictions. “Commercial object” has the meaning of paragraph 2.2.

a collective agreement, either by telephone or by other electronic means. “Counterparty” means the bank or financial institution with which we enter into a contract with you. “Currency UK,” “CUK,” “we,” “we” means Currency UK Limited – a company based in England and Wales (registered number 04017212) based at 28 Battersea Square, London, SW11 3RA, UK. By “deposit” for a contract, it is a down payment equal to the amount we can request from time to time according to our service and which, unless otherwise stated, does not exceed 10% of the contractual value. This allows us to ensure the risk we take in your contract before you make the full payment. “force majeure event,” an event that does not have the effect of proper control of a party concerned, including market disruptions, indefinite acts or restrictions by governments or public authorities, war, revolution, strike or other trade union actions, fires, floods, natural disasters, explosions, terrorist actions, suspension or limitation of trade by a place of execution or failure, failure, malfunction or malfunction of telecommunications or other equipment. “FCA” means the Financial Conduct Authority. “Limit Order” refers to an order in which you ask us to buy or sell foreign currency if the exchange rate reaches an agreed level. losses, taxes, costs; Costs (including unlimited legal costs incurred in recovering the money we are liable for), damages or liability incurred on your behalf with a third party in connection with an order or contract or by any other means due to your delay or non-compliance with the terms of this commercial contract (including, without limitation, your non-compliance with your obligations under a contract) or any other agreement we have entered into with you, unless it is part of one of our direct results.