Compromise Agreement Ra 9262

Keep in mind, however, that cases take time. It is often best to try to reach a compromise agreement with your ex-partner. It might be more practical to reach a renewed agreement with the father. You could start by talking to him about it. If this is not successful, you may want to consider talking to your employer before filing a legal claim. – We have just realized that the amounts promised by my husband at the time of the agreement were too large for him to afford. And we want it to be directly adapted by a lawyer. A reciprocal compromise is not an option, as the ex-girlfriend is already asking for this prior agreement. hello,I want to help the child by my ex who refused my child since I informed him, I`m pregnant.we were both demal when I got pregnant, but at that time I know if he is still abroad never had the chance to sign my child`s birth certificate because he never appeared at the time he found my pregnancy.

I can know what to do first and if a DNA test is necessary in this case, since it is impossible to compromise with him to assiduously request custody of the children, I have heard that Barangay and DSWD can help negotiate an agreement between the parties in order to reach a compromise. I got married recently. The year before I met him, my husband had an illegitimate child. They separated from his ex-girlfriend and reached an informal written agreement on financial assistance, including the amounts and age of the child. The amount was not followed religiously because my husband had income difficulties, but he was still able to send money every week. After our marriage, the ex now demands that he respect the amounts in the written agreement. Here are my questions: – Is this informal agreement legally binding? Hello in luck that I was able to open this site my delima is what others complain I have an ex-partner live because of a reason of misunderstanding that we were separated. We had a daughter of a 2-month-old girl, I can ask her if I can submit a case ra 9262. My ex bf is a sea surveyor a basic compnay, but apparently his job is aasignment here in the phil. During the mg pregnancy, I could not get support from him, but this time we are in good condition and it also works so far I was born with our 2 month old daughter, I can ask for all expenses damaged / all expenses, while I am pregnant and appropriate support for my ex-life partner to his daughter.illegitimate, my daughter used her father`s surname, since her father recognizes her.

Can the assistance he has committed to support my child be supported, even if the case has not yet been filed? Ty hopes to hear your answer as soon as possible! Often it is best to negotiate with the mother to explain the situation. If an agreement between them is not possible in terms of assistance, Barangay or DSWD can help. This third party may be able to help reach an agreement acceptable to both parties. Good evening po atty pwede pa po po bang mag file ng case isang isang ina para mg demand ulit nang the children support, even if their son and daughter 19 and 18 years na? My accord napo cila galing sa korte na hangang 18 years lang po support sa mga bata.and now they are 19 and 18 na. My karapatan po ba akong e cut or bawasan binibigay financial support nila? F. When action is taken to enforce the provisions of this agreement, the dominant party is authorized to recover legal fees.